Give your sales pipelines a boost by rethinking your FinTech lead generation strategies.

Finding sales-qualified leads is tough! Your website is a good source of information, but conversions are elusive; SEO is highly competitive which makes it difficult to rank for the right keywords, and Pay-per-click has been poorly implemented in the past and has not given you the results you had hoped for. All this, when what you really want is a steady stream of leads straight into your inbox or CRM.

Lead generation is always a top priority, but how can you utilise marketing and sales channels to consistently deliver new leads? We’ll review go-to lead generation strategies to help your Financial Services company or FinTech fill up its pipeline.

Why should FinTechs improve their lead generation strategies?

FinTechs have an accelerated need to improve their lead generation strategies. Legacy systems and traditional marketing no longer deliver the leads they once did and let’s face it, competition is fierce. I’ll help you rethink your lead gen. strategies and show you how we use marketing tactics to deliver real results.

Financial Services companies and FinTechs find high-value prospects with targeted lead generation campaigns

Attract high-value prospects and increase revenue by leveraging an effective data-led strategy for lead generation and marketing automation to attract high-value prospects.

Consistently optimise your website, content, and campaigns to maximise engagement and conversions

This post has been created around specific keywords (FinTech Lead Generation) so that it ranks highly for Search. It is an introduction to deeper posts that will answer the questions users are asking about the topic. It will be consistently optimised and monitored for results, and as we develop associated campaigns those landing pages will also be optimised and either A/B or multivariant tested for better results. You’ll find our content because we use the marketing tactics in this post to attract our target audience. It could be that you clicked on an optimised advert, or you received an email that has been tested and optimised. It is very straightforward; content isn’t static, and marketing moves with the shakers.

Deliver your content to the right people, at the right time with personalisation

FinTechs can segment and personalise by visitor, channel, lifecycle stage, location, and more. You can personalise your email marketing campaigns to deliver better results, but make sure you also look at the underlying data, and the product or service you are selling when developing your target prospect list for lead generation. There is a real art to deep contact search, and it is not for everyone!

Search, engage and convert contacts through sales intelligence and engagement

Data-led FinTech lead generation will help you understand your target audience’s needs.

You can develop profiles for your audience and make prospecting decisions based on data and analytics. With your data integrated with your CRM or marketing automation system, you will be able to easily segment and manage your prospects and leads.

Your data will enable you to build lead generation campaigns, optimise your content for Search, and create targeted landing pages that convert. A data-led strategy for Fintech lead generation will get the most from your PPC and Email Marketing campaigns.

SEO strategies for Financial Services companies and FinTechs

Search is competitive and there’s nothing worse than writing content that never gets any eyeballs. Although, if you have a clear understanding of your SEO position you can easily increase performance.

SEO for FinTech lead generation is cost-effective and can provide a high ROI when delivered correctly. Creating an effective content strategy will drive high-quality organic leads if you address the topics your prospects are searching for. The challenge is creating effective content pillars and developing relevant topic clusters. Deep keyword research for each topic will reveal your target keywords so you can plan your website architecture, blog content, and landing pages for campaigns. Keep an eye on your ranking using Google Search Console, which is free.

Grow faster with Pay-Per-Click advertising

PPC advertising gives you control over your marketing budget. You can set a monthly budget cap, and pause or adjust your spending anytime. Paying only for results, like clicks to your website, or calls to your business. You can even get estimated results based on your advertising budget before your campaign is launched!

Longer sales pipelines mean nurturing your prospects is essential to growth

When sales pipelines stretch from weeks to months, nurturing your leads is critical for FinTech lead generation. Email nurture campaigns deliver consistent content to your qualified leads and can save your sales team time and effort. A nurture strategy may include marketing automation, lead scoring, personalisation, and segmentation.

Double-down on digital events from virtual conferences to webinars, as a source of lead generation

Digital events can trump traditional events on price, and they are easily repeatable once you have your process in place. Develop the right webinar and then use lead generation tactics like email marketing to generate interest.

Thought leadership for FinTech

What you are aiming for is original content based on good research and data. Collaborate with your team, partners, or subject matter experts to publish valuable content that your prospects will want to read. Then, when you are ready, roll out a campaign to capture leads through pay-per-click, email marketing, gated landing pages and social.

Nail your video content

FinTech’s often create SaaS product videos to showcase the added value of their solutions, but there are many other types of videos that will engage your prospects from case studies to educational content. Why wouldn’t you nail your video content when it is proven that when SaaS companies add a video to their proposal, they get a 41% higher closing rate!

Support your product sales with social proof and trust factors

Social proof comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. My personal favourites are video testimonials and well-written case studies, although more often than not, social proof for SaaS or FinTech products is delivered through a combination of features from earned media to user reviews.

Supercharge your sales pipeline

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