Lead generation helps Fintech find the right decision makers, schedule more appointments and acquire more clients.

Invessed Client Portals

Invessed is a wealth platform solution provider, accelerating the development of custom wealth and asset management client portals, websites and mobile apps. 


Once high-quality FinTech products or services reach a certain level of maturity, they must scale up rapidly.

By identifying your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), researching contacts and then targeting prospects via multi-channel and customised outreach, FinTech companies can start growing.




In partnership with Midday, Invessed needed to find the right decision makers to fill up their sales pipeline and make more sales.

Key numbers

Unique opened 48.1%

Replied 5.2%

Lead rate 4.1%


Building an in-house team to grow your pipeline can be slow and costly.

Invessed has been focused on product development and didn't have the internal resources for lead generation. Like many other FinTech SaaS providers, it was not efficient to build an in-house team for lead generation, but they still needed to find the right decision makers to fill up their sales pipeline and make more sales.

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Invessed fills up its sales pipeline with highly qualified leads

Invessed's clear vision of their product/market fit helped Midday to identify their ICP, through market research and matching the features of their solutions with the client's needs.

Ideal Customer Profile

Identify the Ideal Customer Profile for a highly targeted lead generation campaign.

Outreach strategy and list building

Create an outreach strategy specifically for Invessed, from the volume of prospects to customisation. Apply advanced search filters to find and deliver accurately matched contacts.

Multi-channel outreach campaigns and appointment setting

Create customised campaigns and deliver targeted email and manual LinkedIn sequences for appointment setting.

What did we do?

  • Extended the pipeline of outbound leads
  • Increased the number of demos scheduled by 245%
  • Increased Brand awareness (monthly website traffic) by 532%
  • Increased the quality of outbound lead through detailed lead screening
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Theo Paraskevopoulos, Invessed

Time to market is critical for FinTechs - These guys build effective teams to deliver your pipeline.

Theo Paraskevopoulos, Invessed